5 Tricky Cures for Smelly Feet

Maybe you like to practice hot yoga. Perhaps you like wearing Vans shoes without socks. Perhaps you left a fruit package in your sports bag for a week. In any case, there is no judgment. In fact, if you have any equipment so mature, you will not be alone.

“It’s interesting that there are more sweat glands on your feet than anywhere else on your body,” said Taylor Vigele, co-founder of fragrant Zorpads shoes.

According to Vigel, “Pig almost no smell.”

On the contrary, “the bacteria that are found on the feet will eat sweat, and the bacteria that get stuck on your shoes will become a very unpleasant odor.”

The plastic sole of your favorite training shoes is the worst stored bacteria, so your gym smells like rotten death first. Until you kill any bacteria-monsters, the phobia will continue whenever you sweat.

If you can identify your equipment with a smell, then take action.

First, all items are cleaned and cleaned to achieve an odorless appearance before introducing any odor-absorbing product. Do not try to disguise something with another smell of camouflage.

Wiegele recommends that if you are going to be engaged in industrial cleaning, try using vodka to do everything. (You can save yourself before diving.) Alcohol kills bacteria, so you will not continue building on long walls of decaying debris.

Then wash, wash and wash. To ensure that the stench is officially completed, invest in one of these seven projects in order not to smell again.

1. Deodorant shoes Remodeez

These colorful bags are filled with activated carbon, made from resistant coconut shells. Non-toxic, odorless, hypoallergenic, you can charge them with ultraviolet light from direct sunlight and place them in the game.

2. Insert shoes to destroy the smell of Zorpads

These small adhesive antibacterial blocks were originally developed as a project at the Harvard Business School, created after members of the TOMS team were shouting to heaven using NASA materials to absorb the smells that cause the joints in the shoe to remain unchanged. cooperation. And Zorpads uses scientific materials to absorb this smell faster than any other product on the market.

3. Salt exclusive sports shoes

If there are 1500 positive reviews you can trust, then these magnificent deodorants in golf are the smelly champions in the dark narrow spaces. Of course, if you want to ride that way, they will wear sports outfits or emotions.

4. Foot feeling – natural shoes for feet and shoes

More than a few active bloggers claim that this non-toxic foot powder is the savior for sports stink equipment, including hockey gloves (classified as biological hazard). Sprinkle it there for a few days, kill these bacteria, and then continue to use it to avoid the stench

5. Biokleen Bac-Out Spots and odor removal

Cleaning specialists say that this is the best choice for destroying any smell in your area. Enzyme-producing crops, citrus extracts and essential oils solve your sweating room, clothes and equipment for exercisers, allowing you to smell the lavender or lemon thyme instead of the dressing room floor.